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One Week Wonder Update

Mark Schaible, Sonex Aircraft


Day 1

We had a great start to the first day of the AirVenture 2022 Sonex One Week Wonder. EAA CEO and Chair Jack J. Pelton officially kicked things off at the opening ceremonies this morning as the clock began ticking, and volunteers and spectators cheered, counting down six-and-a-half days to build an aircraft. Volunteers began unpacking the kit immediately and handing pieces over the wall as Sonex staff helped to organize where each part should go. The build started by attacking all parts of the airframe at once — the benefit of a massive amount of enthusiastic free labor.

Volunteers simultaneously began work on forward and aft fuselage side walls, wing spar prep, tail and control surfaces, wheelpant prep, and engine prep. By the end of the day, wing ribs were deburred and ready to be riveted to the main wing spar, rear wing spars were completed, fuselage side walls are ready for the public to rivet, the tail stabilizer structure is complete, ruddervators are in process, the rear spar carry through and fuselage spar box is well underway, and the gear leg fairings and wheelpants were completed.


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