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Aircraft Camping Guidelines

By default, Camp Scholler Guidelines should be followed, when applicable.


To camp in one of the aircraft camping areas, you must be an active EAA member. If your aircraft is parked in this area you will be charged for camping.

To camp in the showplane camping area, your airplane must be eligible in one of the judging categories.

All aircraft in general aircraft camping (North 40 or South 40 areas) will be charged the camping rate whether camping or parking.

All campsites must be paid for before setup. Always display proper camping credentials. Camping registration number must be easily visible.

Wristbands and program books may be purchased at the registration building.

Proper daily or weekly wristbands must be worn on the flightline at all times.


Only one tent per plane unless a second tent is needed for immediate family members. If additional tents are needed, they must fit within the footprint of the aircraft.

All aircraft must be tied down. “Dog leash” tiedowns are prohibited.

Aircraft engines may not be started at the campsite. On departure, aircraft must be pushed out of the campsite.

In general, alcoholic beverage consumption is prohibited on airport property, except in officially designated areas or under specific permission given by authorized EAA staff . EAA reserves the right to remove any individual due to misuse or violation of campground rules/policies.

Coolers must remain secured at your campsite location.

Generators are allowed in the North 40 and South 40 camping area. Engine-driven generators may only be operated between 6:30 a .m . and 10:30 p .m .


Keep your campsite clean and your noise levels down. 

Please leave campsites the way you found them and place all waste in appropriate receptacles.

All fueling operations shall be done with the utmost safety in mind, in accordance with NFPA 407, and with special regard to the following items:

  • Prior to initiation of fueling operations, the fueling vehicle and the aircraft to be fueled shall be bonded . • No open flame, cooking stoves, or smoking shall be permitted within 50 feet of any fueling operations .

  • All fuel spills shall be reported immediately to the Oshkosh Fire Department .

  • All fueling hoses shall be properly stowed prior to moving the fueling vehicle .

  • Fueling shall not take place during thunderstorms .

Fire Safety

Campfires are prohibited on Wittman Regional Airport campsites.

Open-air cooking fires must comply with the Oshkosh Fire Department Fire Prevention Guidelines on this page.

Do not leave campsite areas without completely extinguishing stove.

No charcoal or wood campfires.

Careful use of white gas or propane camp stoves is allowed in aircraft camping, provided they are used in an area well away from parked aircraft and that the stove is attended at all times . It is strongly recommended that aircraft near the stove be checked for any fuel fumes or leakage, and the stove be elevated above ground level.

Cooking stoves must be a safe distance (10 feet) away from any aircraft.

In the event that the conditions on Wittman Regional Airport and the EAA grounds change drastically before or during the convention, a more restrictive decision may be made regarding cooking stoves.

Personal Transportation

Bicycles and personal transportation devices, such as Segways, are allowed in North 40 and South 40 only. South 40 use is approved south of the Ultralight area (as indicated by signage).

The following mobility devices are allowed throughout the grounds:
One person electric/handicapped convenience vehicles; and b. Other Personal Disability Mobility Devices, such as Segways, when required because of the individual’s mobility disability and when operated in a safe manner, consistent with 28 C.F.R. 36.311(b)(1).).

Bicycle corrals are located in three locations: Theater in the Woods (near the East Gate), Bus Park, and North 40 Gate.


No pets are permitted in aircraft camping.


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