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Copyright, Media, and Trademark Policy

EAA realizes that the taking and making of Recordings (of any nature, to include moving and still images, sound etc. regardless of the means of capture or storage used - e.g. film, digital, video, or other format /media) allows attendees to capture the excitement and color of AirVenture, and provide them with a personal record of their experience at the event. To that end, EAA permits those people attending AirVenture to make such Recordings for their personal enjoyment only.

As the creator and producer of AirVenture, EAA has a great investment in the intellectual property rights to the event. EAA takes this investment seriously, and has an obligation to protect it on behalf of its membership - not only during the event but on a continuing, perpetual basis. EAA retains all worldwide rights to AirVenture and to any Recordings or Images taken at or of AirVenture, either on or off EAA grounds.

EAA is the owner of trademarks, copyrights and other proprietary rights connected to the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc., and the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh event. The event and organization names may be used for news purposes and consistent with the First Amendment. Nothing in these terms and conditions authorizes or allows violation of any EAA trademarks, copyright or other proprietary rights.

The sale or use of any Recording of any aspect or activity connected with AirVenture (including but not limited to aircraft, crowds, air shows, forums, exhibits, etc.) for commercial purposes without EAA’s written permission is strictly prohibited, not only during the event but on a continuing, perpetual basis, except as may be expressly permitted by a written agreement with EAA. This includes, but is not limited to, “Non-linear” use such as archived television content on the Internet, television content available on a video - on-demand basis, and television content made available via PVR downloads is prohibited without expressed prior written permission by EAA. This also includes images distributed through formats that include (but are not limited to) cellular, personal communications services and other methods of providing content to handheld digital devices pages, specialized mobile radio and wireless internet (including WIFI).

Legitimate media representatives seeking to cover EAA events must first seek accreditation from EAA. EAA grants accreditation at its discretion, and requires that any Recordings made are used ONLY by the publication(s) he or she is officially representing, and only for the purposes stated in the accreditation request. Any accreditation or permission which may be granted is not assignable or transferable, and use of said Recordings or accounts by any other publication(s) or for other purposes is strictly prohibited, unless additional written permission is obtained by said publication(s) from EAA. The taking of Recordings for such uses as photo or video stock houses is also prohibited, unless written permission from EAA has first been obtained.

This Policy also prohibits use of AirVenture Recordings, and EAA trademarks and trade names in secondary promotional usages, such as promotional portfolios, web sites and other settings that endorse a specific photographer or company. Written permission must be obtained before such uses are allowed.


The use of any or all of EAA’s trademarks or trade names or those of its divisions or affiliates (see Appendix A) without express written permission is strictly prohibited in any manner, shape or form, commercial or private. This applies regardless of whether the use is sold, worn by employees, or given away / distributed at no cost to the recipient.

EAA retains the right, to enforce its rights against any person(s) violating EAA’s Copyright/Media and Trademarks Policy, especially those who attempt to sell recordings or use EAA trademarks or trade names for commercial purposes without express written permission from EAA. Violators shall be subject to all available remedies of U.S. and International law, up to and including injunctive relief.

Use of AirVenture-related logos, words, graphics, designs, photographs (film or digital) and/ or any other images that depict or reference the annual EAA AirVenture convention/fly-in (including any use that commemorates, denotes, references or otherwise makes some association with the EAA AirVenture convention/fly-in) without the prior written consent of EAA is strictly prohibited. This includes, without limitation, commercial uses, giveaways, advertising, promotions, endorsements, sales, rentals, displays, or products or services.

Any use, attempted use, or registration of any trademark or trade name that is similar or confusingly similar to the marks listed in Appendix A is strictly prohibited. EAA reserves the right to amend and update this policy and Appendix A at any time.

EAA / EAA affiliate Trade Marks and Trade Names
Use of corresponding logos and designs also prohibited
(Combinations also prohibited) 


Aero ClubTM Fly MarketTM
Aerobatics USATM Fly With The First TeamTM
AeroEducateTM Flying Start®
AeronauticaTM Founder's Innovation PrizeTM
AirVenture TodayTM GA AirfoilsTM
AirVenture® Gateway To AviationTM
Aluminum Overcast® GirlVentureTM
Aviation Gateway ParkTM Hops & PropsTM
Aviators ClubTM IACTM/International Aerobatic ClubTM
AvioreTM KidVenture EAA and DesignTM (Logo)
Berlin ExpressTM KidVenture®
C-PlanTM OSH2021TM
EAA® (Stylized) #OSH21TM
EAA® AirVenture® OshkoshTM Oshkosh and AirplaneTM (Logo)
EAA AirVenture MuseumTM Oshkosh ConventionTM
EAA and Airplane Design® (Logo) Oshkosh Fly-InTM
EAA Aviation Foundation and DesignTM (Logo) OSHKOSH2021TM
EAA Aviation MuseumTM Oshkosh365TM
EAA CanadaTM OshkoshTM
EAA ChaptersTM Proficiency365®
EAA ConventionTM Props for WomenTM
EAA Design® (Logo) SkillScore®
EAA Eagle Flights® Spirit of Aviation WeekTM
EAA Flight AdvisorTM Sport AerobaticsTM
EAA HeritageTM (Logo) Sport Aircraft AssociationTM
EAA HomebuildersTM Sport Aviation®
EAA IMC ClubTM Sport Pilot AcademyTM
EAA Innovation ShowcaseTM Sport PilotTM
EAA Lifetime MemberTM SportAir®
EAA Sky ShoppeTM TG & Design® (The Gathering Logo)
EAA Sport PilotTM TG The Gathering & Design® (Logo)
EAA TailwindsTM The Gathering®
EAA The Leader in Recreational AviationTM The Spirit of Aviation®
EAA The Spirit of Aviation & Design® Warbirds of America®
EAA Ultralights and Design® (Logo) We Put The Fun In FlyingTM
EAA VintageTM (Logo) Women Soar SocietyTM
EAA Virtual Flight AcademyTM WomenVentureTM
EAA Vision of EaglesTM World of Flight®
EAA VMC ClubTM World's Greatest Aviation Celebration®
EAA WearhouseTM Young Eagles EAA and Design® (Logo)
EAA X-FlyerTM Young Eagles®
Experimental Aircraft AssociationTM
Experimenter® (Stylized)
First WingTM
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