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Live Video Streaming / Web Streaming Policy

The Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc., (EAA) allows accredited media organizations to distribute online video content in a live manner, including interviews and news conferences, on the EAA AirVenture grounds.

The grounds are regarded as property owned and/or leased by EAA for the AirVenture event. That distribution must take place in accordance with the following policy:

1) Live web streaming is allowed as long as EAA has not entered into a contract for exclusive live coverage from the grounds during AirVenture. If there is an exclusive outlet providing live web streams through contract with EAA, other live web streams are prohibited during the event. Such exclusive contracts will be signed by May 1 of each year and announcement of such exclusive contracts will be posted in the media room at www.airventure.org/media.

2) All live web streaming requests must be approved by EAA in writing prior to arrival and setup at AirVenture.

3) Live web streaming by non-EAA entities may take place only from a single “studio” location (media trailer or adjacent set, news conference area, exhibitor location, etc.). No roving, live web streams or live webcams are allowed, nor are live web streams from the generally established air show flight line/crowd line/event areas except via express written agreement with EAA.

4) Any live web streams will feature an EAA-provided open and close that must be run for each individual web stream unit. In the case of web streams lasting longer than 30 minutes, an additional EAA-provided announcement will be run each 30 minutes in addition to the open and close.

5)Those entities providing live web streams from the AirVenture grounds will provide a minimum 15-minute interview with a designated EAA representative for each day a live web stream is made from the AirVenture grounds. EAA’s Communications staff will help coordinate designated representatives and times with each web streaming entity.

6) Any use of wireless technology in the creation and/or distribution of live web streams must be approved by EAA, to ensure that those frequencies do not interfere with frequencies used for aircraft operations/safety, or those already in use as part of EAA AirVenture infrastructure.

7) Any live web stream must appear in an editorial context only (no sponsorship, merchandising or advertising integrated with or around the content).

8) EAA is permitted to link without charge or obligation to all posted web streams originating from the EAA AirVenture grounds so long as that content is available online or as part of an online video archive.

9) EAA maintains the right to update this policy at any time and without advance notice.

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